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Save money. Save energy. Save the Planet. Energy efficient retrofits like high efficiency motors and LED refrigerated case lighting help improve your business' bottom line. Retrofits for your commercial coolers and freezers, increase the life of your equipment, lower your energy bills, and save electricity. The Keep Your Cool program offers a low or no cost way to put these dollars back into your business.

The Keep Your Cool Program is funded by participating utilities in California and implemented by Redwood Energy Services, Inc. Keep Your Cool is known as a "third-party" or "non-utility" program to subsidize energy efficient upgrades for qualifying business utility customers. The Keep Your Cool program is contracted by participating utilities and reports to them on a monthly basis.

Request A Free Audit

An energy audit lets you save money by saving energy whilse saving the planet. Our representatives will visit your site and identify ways we can help you lower your energy bills. The best part is that your local utility will pay for some or all of your retrofits! Most of the common projects pay for themselves in less than 2 years through saved energy. So sign up for a free audit today!
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